"Let’s arrive together. Again, and again and again.
Our relationships and sexuality will thank us."

Admittedly, I have a queer agenda. Meaning, I help people interrogate normative assumptions regarding sex and relationships to create uniquely fulfilling and just intimacies.

Because I revel in contrariness and queerness, I understand the discomfort of not fitting in. Of feeling awkward, judged, afraid.

Regardless of how you identify—gender and sexually fluid, trans, gay, bi, pan, questioning, asexual, hetero—it is vital to be freed from cultural narratives regarding love and sexuality that are not freely chosen, but externally policed (by religion, family, friends, etc.,) especially when these socially constructed stories no longer serve you.

Contrarian and Queer. Educator, Therapist, Writer.

Carole clements

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"Carole helped me develop intellectual and heart-centered resilience."

Carole helped me develop intellectual and heart-centered resilience that changed the course of my education, facilitating entries into new paradigms of understanding experience, while also surfacing my interior fault lines that kept me from my true curiosity. I felt ongoing permission from Carole to be, change, and explore higher reaches into identity freedoms.

Ryan Page, Former Student, Choreographer

"Carole has been an astonishing and searing presence in the spaces we've shared."

Carole has been an astonishing and searing presence in the spaces we've shared. I am in awe of Carole’s granular approach to questions of relational time, and what it would be: to live otherwise. To be with other, that is, in ways that don't repress what's known, felt, but rarely
said. Or perhaps: the other way around!

Bhanu Kapil, Colleague & Poet

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All of my services are present-centered, critically queer, ethically informed and justice oriented. LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC folx are welcome! 



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My warmth and directness, humor and playfulness will guide and buoy you as you traverse the challenging developmental terrain of inhabiting yourself and your relationships more honestly and fully.   

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My aliveness is embedded in my work in the world. My projects are my intellectual lovers that capture my passions into forms and enable me to share and engage deeply with others.